Tha creidsinn faicinn

Caitrin a Masaitiusadh

10 November
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'S mise Caitrin a Masaitiusadh, also I am kimurho (LondonBard misspelled it when she set this up ;-) ). I like Severus Snape, languages (currently studying Scottish Gaidhlig), books, magic, the Supreme Being (contrary to a recent report - His name is NOT Monty, but he does wish it were Moe), my husband, my boys, my ShadowCat (she MADE me write that) and my friends. I feel very strange writing about myself on-line - which is why my journal is in Gaidhlig. I can read it - that's what's important.

I am a solipsist with a twist - While the rest of you go away sometimes, I'm always here - and God is too. That makes me incredibly self-centric - but I don't think I'm selfish. I could be wrong about that. I could be wrong about me existing too, but I don't think so.

My basic philosophy for life is a simple one - easy to understand:
1) Have fun ("Do what ye will an it harm none")
2) Live for yourself but remember that you have to live WITH yourself so don't do anything you'll be ashamed of later
3) You can't MAKE anyone else anything else - accept them as they are and be yourself.
4) Remember - what goes around comes around, karma happens - so do what you can to increase the good karma and decrease the bad
5) Have fun ("smile - it makes others wonder what you're up to")

Beannachd leibh, ---Caitrin a Masaitiusadh