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Nov. 24th, 2016 @ 11:19 am Dreams of demon lovers
I suppose this is a ghost squad dream ... probably a side story because I wouldn't want this to happen to any of my main characters.

Someone summoned a demon, an incubus - perhaps? Or maybe just a demon ... and set it on an academic woman - a teacher at Bowbridge University, somewhat associated with the Special Response Unit or or someone with the SRU, but not closely. I'm not sure she realized at first he was a demon. Maybe not ever - I suspect he fogged her mind.

He seduced her and got her with child, within months she gave birth to his get, 3 harpies. They had the vuluptuous bodies of full grown succubi, wings of vultures (covered with down), and ... hideous skull-like faces. Harpies, in this dream, are born with teeth - razor-sharp teeth. Stop and think about that.

When the SRU finally arrived at her house, she was in bad shape, but delusional enough that she wanted to protect 'her children'. I observed one of the girls lapping up water from the toilet bowl and the academic ran to stop her, shouting "Helen! NO!"

I didn't hear the names of the other two. I suspect I only remember the name because Helen responded to her name and looked around - such a gorgeous body, name of the most beautiful woman in history, and that face.
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