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Aug. 28th, 2014 @ 02:27 pm Na Gurnaidh Update
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Apparently it needs to be said. I can't believe I have to say it, that there are people who don't understand this very simple fact but the facts are clear - there are.

Please take note -

The fae are NOT human.

Folk out of Faerie are NOT "exactly like" the Folk next door.

Do NOT accept any gifts from the fae (they are worse than Greeks bearing gifts, believe me or not.)

Do NOT ask for or accept ANY favours from the fae. Ever.
Today, Madelyn Gower, "lady of the court" for both last year's Harvest Festival and the May Day celebrations, instead of being a fair-skinned, blue-eyed blonde, is absolutely stunning. Her jetty-black locks stream over green-tinged white skin making her flame-red eyes even more dramatic.

Unfortunately for her, the adjective "stunning" is literal. Any male who catches her eye falls into an immediate swoon - which will make it difficult for her to get the votes she so desperately desires this coming Festival.

Her mother is demanding that I locate the nixie who did this to her darling daughter, and I can understand her ire but ... a deal is a deal and Madelyn got exactly what she wished for. It's not really the fault of the nixie that it wasn't what Madelyn wanted.

Nonetheless, anyone spotting a blonde-haired, blue-eyed nixie (name unknown), please let me or the Ushelshee know. This sort of thing is NOT helping matters in the slightest.

by Richard Garnett (1893)

The crafty Nix, more false than fair,
Whose haunt in arrowy Iser lies,
She envied me my golden hair,
She envied me my azure eyes.

The moon with silvery ciphers traced
The leaves, and on the waters played ;
She rose, her arms my form embraced,
She said : 'Come down with me, fair maid.'

She led me to her crystal grot,
She set me in her coral chair,
She waved her wand, and I had not
Or azure eyes or golden hair.

Her locks of jet, her eyes of flame
Were mine, and hers my semblance fair :
'O make me, Nix, again the same,
O give me back my golden hair !'

She smiles in scorn, she disappears,
And here I sit and see no sun ;
My eyes of fire are quenched in tears,
And all my darksome locks undone.
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